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Have you seen her?

A decade ago, is the last time I saw my original daughter. On this day, she had wrangled my husband into going puddle jumping because March of 2009 was a warm month and it was rubber boots and umbrella time.

Her brother had an ear infection and a cold which seem to have been a constant issues in his life back then until we discovered that he was intolerant to milk and then it all stopped.

It was the last time, that I saw that little girl that couldn’t see over the grocery cart and still insisted on pushing it. It was the last time I saw the little girl that told me off – No, I can do this – when I tried to help her.  It was the last time, she insisted on changing her brother’s diaper or feeding. It’s the little girl that no one ever talks about.

I love my daughter and everything she’s accomplished but I sometimes find myself dreaming about my first daughter who’s life was suddenly interrupted by acute necrotizing encephalopathy.


Hugs your children everyday xxox



Out of the Mouth of Babes

Out of the Mouth of Babes – Family Dynamic

Kids are very interested in family dynamic, they are always figuring out where they stand. We were talking about my grandparents and how they have passed on.  Here’s our conversation.

Son: How long as it been since Papa (my dad) passed away?

Me:  Almost 3 years.

Son (excited look): You have a stepdad now and I have a step granddad.  Just like my friend William as a stepmom.

I honestly had never paid much attention to the dynamic, Mom’s boyfriend is a really nice man and they are getting married next summer but to my son, this was very interesting and excited to figure out the dynamic of our blending families.

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Out of the Mouth of Babes – Dancing

Life is never boring with children.

With Christmas, just around the corner, we are watch Christmas movies.  This time it was the classic White Christmas with Bing Crosby. We love musicals especially the older styles.

There’s a scene where they talk about left feet and it all produced the following conversation:

Son: What do they mean that they have two left feet? (Looks down perplexed at his feet)

Me: It means that he doesn’t dance so well

Son: Well, I dance well (proceeds to bogey around like only 9 year old)…. thinking but we don’t know about Arden in her wheelchair.

Me: Well, Arden glides around the dance floor. She’s very grateful no one can dance like her.

Son: Right, you dance well and Daddy does too.. But Thor and Banner (our cats), They have two left feet…. giggles… I mean four left feet.

Just precious!! Out of the Mouth of Babes. There’s nothing more precious to bring you back into the moment.