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Review of 2018

I started 2018 in a mist of a burnout. I was listless, unmotivated and I can go on. This year made me realized that this point in our lives, it’s common to be struggling. Our hormones as woman are shifting into higher gears,  we are running on fumes from the demands of parenthood and realized that most of our expectation on what life would be like at this stage haven’t been met.

2018 was about self-care #2018care. It was about discovering what this meant and trying to establish a good routine. This routine, I have still not found or created but life is a progress so I will just keep plodding along.

If you go to  , you will see the variety of books that I have consume on self-care, food, and for leisure. My mind craves words and the magic, they hold. I’ve read over 80 books this year and this is close to my yearly average.

48414215_10156450400900589_745723351854481408_nHere’s the good about 2018:

  • ANE International held it’s first awareness day on July 31st.
  • ANE International double our members and keep supporting ANE Families and forming new friendship (Thank you, Kim for being my partner in crime)
  • going on a weekend long yoga retreat – I’m hoping to make it a tradition
  • setting up my daughter for horseback riding lessons
  • being grateful for my global village
  • my son’s seizure is finally under control
  • my daughter’s transition to a new school went smoothly.
  • reconnecting with my neighbours
  • reconnecting with some old friends
  • starting a new job in a new industry = from big corporate to small non-profit . I’ve push my comfort boundary and brought unexpected skills to the organization.
  • understanding our finances better
  • Mom & Raymond’s wedding
  • Continued with my love of photography

My 2018 struggles:

  • my son’s struggle with his new school
  • financial worries
  • poor food planning
  • adapting to 7 stepsibling who live 600km away
  • no weight loss progress
  • disturbed sleep at night
  • feeling disconnection with my siblings
  • Losing a friend to suicide

Looking at this list, it’s sure will be a memorable year and hopefully 2019 will keep this momentum. What will you be hoping to achieve in 2019?

My biggest worry  continues to be and will always be my children’s health especially since my daughter’s rare conditions is triggered by influenza B and Flu season is 5 months out of the year for us in Canada.

As it was last year, my biggest challenge was allowing myself to neglectful of me by stopping my food planning, going to the gym and doing those exercise video with the kids. I also regret not taking more time to be in nature either hiking or gardening. I will keep growing this piece of my life.

I have grown more comfortable with speaking with strangers and putting myself out there. This comes with the creation and constant growth of ANE International and now my new job, this blog and from having to speak with medical professional so much.

Most of all, I’m continue to grateful for my husband that even though, he doesn’t always quite understand where I’m heading he’s happy to come along and support me. I know that I don’t show it enough and that will be something that I will need to rectify in this year. I’m also very grateful for my community, without it, I don’t know where I would be.

If I had to start 2018 over, I’d tell myself to pace myself, it’s not a race, we all get where we need to be in the end. I’d say not to forget about myself that self-care and grow my boundaries which is the most important thing to do so you are able to keep your family going and your own self.

My word for 2019 will be Acceptance.

Acceptance of my limitation, of being enough, of finding my boundaries and of unmet expectation.


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Self-Discovery – Day 14

What did you manage to re-discover yesterday? How did it feel to reconnect with a project that you had started or envision? Did you feel a connection with yourself or with the person that you are making it for?

Today’s discovery tool is re-capturing a favourite childhood memory.  Let’s grab our pen and notepad. Let’s start writing.   You can take this up even further if possible and send the memory to the people that could be involved.

Rejeanne and Rachel- July 21 1984.jpg

I remember our Dad building this Sandbox so the sand wouldn’t be scalding hot when we played in there. I remember my sister and I playing in there for hours and begging Mom for a spoon so we could build road for our hot wheel cars to drive on.  If I close my eyes, I can hear the birds, the sound of the tractors in the field and the warm summer air on my skin.  I hope when my sis reads this blog post that it brings her some good memories.

I remember us walking on old steel drum with either one of our sibling or cousin inside the drum. I remember being in those drums, the dizziness that ensued, the relief of getting out and the feel of the fresh air on my skin.

I remember going into Mom’s garden patch and eating fresh peas of the stalks or dig up carrots and eating them with dirt on it. I can still feel that dirt in my mouth. This is all memories of a childhood spent outside.

What are some of your favourite childhood memories?

Catch you tomorrow.



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Self-Discovery – Day 13

How amazing is your body feeling today? Are you nails all shiny and pretty? Do you remember the last time you did that?  My last time had been in June when I took a day off work and totally pampered myself.  The feeling lasted me a long time and I can still recall the sensation on my body after totally immersing myself into pampering.

Today’s discovery tool is pick up a forgotten project that you know you enjoy but have been neglecting.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So can’t wait to hear what project you tackled.

See you tomorrow.

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Self-Discovery – Day 12

Did you surprise yourself in what music made your body move? What did you enjoy most of your dancing? Do you think you can add this to your day? Dance is another stress reliever and stress buster even when you are dancing in the kitchen, shower or anywhere in your home. You don’t need a dance floor to be dancing.

Today’s Discovery tool is pampering.

So let get the scrubs, face mask that’s been sitting in your cupboards, hair mask, the nail polish and lotions.

If you don’t any body or facial scrub it’s super easy to make: brown sugar and add coconut oil or olive oil until it’s just crumbly. You can add a couple drop of essential or vanilla extract if you wish for a smell.


Have fun with your nail polish.  Put some fun music on, light some candles, lock the bathroom doors or send everyone out for the night to a movie and pamper yourself.

Catch you tomorrow.




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Self-Discovery – Day 11


How did that feel? I bet you felt amazing if not sore from laughing. Did you find what really gets you? You’d be surprised as to what you find irresistibly funny. Farts is all I’m going to say to that!! LOL.

Today’s discovery tool is DANCE.

Clear out space, get youtube up and get your dance party on! Find that dance that you love and talk to me. I recently found this song and I have a kitchen party (since it’s where I seem to spend most of my time).


What about this one?

Or if you have little one.


My daughter is a perfect example of having dance parties. She knows how to party at the young age of 12 and how good it makes her feel.  (see this post: Dancing)

Go ahead. You know you wanna! Get your Dance on!



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Self-Discovery – Day 10


How relaxing was it to imagine being in all those wonderful places that you dreamed up? Maybe it’s time to find some pictures of those places and put it up on our dream board or somewhere you can see them on a regular basis.

Nothing better  than to look at funny video. Today’s discovery tool is laughter. What makes you laugh? Did you know that laughter is a natural stress buster? Not only that is that your body cannot tell the difference from real laughter and fake laughter. There’s even laugh therapy available if you search the web. Laughter boost your immune system as well as relieve stress and anxiety so keep looking for funny video that makes you laugh and keep a list when you are feeling down.

Here a couple of my favourite:


This is my more childlike side

My cheeks and abs are hurting, so we’ll catch up tomorrow.

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Self-Discovery – Day 9

How powerful did that feel? Did you feel your heart lift? Did you get misty eyed thinking about what you are grateful for?  Do you manage 10 or more?

I list 3 things before bed every night for which I am grateful. I’ll be honest, they are not very detailed and that is something on which I’m trying to improve. I want to be able to look back on this book and see what I was grateful for and the meaning behind this.

IMG_20180321_195314851.jpgAlright, let’s get to business.

Today’s discovery tool is into your traveling wishes.  List 5 places you would love to visit or re-visit.  This is the time to rediscover traveling dreams from childhood.

Here’s my list:

  1. Australia – it’s been a childhood dream and 2 years ago, it became even more important.. Watch out, Kim. I will make it out there one day.
  2. Chateau Quesnel in Northern France.  This is where some of my ancestors lived in the 1600’s. Do I need to elaborate?
  3. Disney World – One visit will never be enough.
  4. Greece – the mountain coast with the blue oceans.
  5. Rome, Italy – for the heritage and food.

I’m sure, that I could find many, many more to discover but these are the places that call out to me.

Happy day dreaming!!

Can’t wait to hear about your dreams tomorrow.