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Happy Birthday to my best friend & baby sister

If everyone was so lucky to have a sister like you, the world would be filled with giggles and love.

You always know how to bring back our childlike relationship and we always bring the best of each other. I was lucky to get such a great baby sister that’s my best friend.567011621

Good Side of Life

Happy 11th Birthday


Happy 11th Birthday to my little Boy! You’ve done a lot of growing in the last year, with a new school and adjusting to your diagnosis of epilepsy.

I can’t believe that a decade as already gone by and I hope many many more decades are ahead of us to share.

You have thought me to look at things in a different perspective and you always bring sunshine in my life.

You are an out of the box thinker, inquisitive while still being sensitive and caring.


I hope you have a great day.

Love you Momma and Daddy!

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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful Sister!

I know life as been challenging for you and you are trying to find your way in this mess that we call life.

I love you, the kids love you and even your brother in law loves you.

Thank you for confiding in me when you need to, for listening to me when I need you, for being there for my kids when we need you, for spending time with us when I’m sure you’d rather be catching up on our ZZZ’s.


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Happy Birthday to my champion


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATime flies and I can’t believe that you are already thirteen. My MommaBear’s heart is filled with pride, joy and sorrow that time has past so fast. I will to keep you at this age but at the same time, I am anxious to see what adventures awaits you in the World.

Dear Daughter, you are my champion, my hero, my inspiration and my princess. I hope that I can be your champion, your hero and a good role model.

Happy 13th Birthday to you.

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Happy 3rd Anniversary to my 1st International Friendship

Kim, this one is for you!

What brought us together is more than rare (simply couldn’t resist) but what social media has done for us is beyond greatest.

I don’t say it enough but Thank you for finding me 3 years ago.

I don’t think either of us could’ve imagine such an abundant friendship in what we have but we have it. I love you even if you live at the other end of the world and I’ve never met you.

Like you once said our friendship cannot be describe. We are so blessed to have this loving, caring and uncomplicated relationship.

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Review of 2018

I started 2018 in a mist of a burnout. I was listless, unmotivated and I can go on. This year made me realized that this point in our lives, it’s common to be struggling. Our hormones as woman are shifting into higher gears,  we are running on fumes from the demands of parenthood and realized that most of our expectation on what life would be like at this stage haven’t been met.

2018 was about self-care #2018care. It was about discovering what this meant and trying to establish a good routine. This routine, I have still not found or created but life is a progress so I will just keep plodding along.

If you go to  , you will see the variety of books that I have consume on self-care, food, and for leisure. My mind craves words and the magic, they hold. I’ve read over 80 books this year and this is close to my yearly average.

48414215_10156450400900589_745723351854481408_nHere’s the good about 2018:

  • ANE International held it’s first awareness day on July 31st.
  • ANE International double our members and keep supporting ANE Families and forming new friendship (Thank you, Kim for being my partner in crime)
  • going on a weekend long yoga retreat – I’m hoping to make it a tradition
  • setting up my daughter for horseback riding lessons
  • being grateful for my global village
  • my son’s seizure is finally under control
  • my daughter’s transition to a new school went smoothly.
  • reconnecting with my neighbours
  • reconnecting with some old friends
  • starting a new job in a new industry = from big corporate to small non-profit . I’ve push my comfort boundary and brought unexpected skills to the organization.
  • understanding our finances better
  • Mom & Raymond’s wedding
  • Continued with my love of photography

My 2018 struggles:

  • my son’s struggle with his new school
  • financial worries
  • poor food planning
  • adapting to 7 stepsibling who live 600km away
  • no weight loss progress
  • disturbed sleep at night
  • feeling disconnection with my siblings
  • Losing a friend to suicide

Looking at this list, it’s sure will be a memorable year and hopefully 2019 will keep this momentum. What will you be hoping to achieve in 2019?

My biggest worry  continues to be and will always be my children’s health especially since my daughter’s rare conditions is triggered by influenza B and Flu season is 5 months out of the year for us in Canada.

As it was last year, my biggest challenge was allowing myself to neglectful of me by stopping my food planning, going to the gym and doing those exercise video with the kids. I also regret not taking more time to be in nature either hiking or gardening. I will keep growing this piece of my life.

I have grown more comfortable with speaking with strangers and putting myself out there. This comes with the creation and constant growth of ANE International and now my new job, this blog and from having to speak with medical professional so much.

Most of all, I’m continue to grateful for my husband that even though, he doesn’t always quite understand where I’m heading he’s happy to come along and support me. I know that I don’t show it enough and that will be something that I will need to rectify in this year. I’m also very grateful for my community, without it, I don’t know where I would be.

If I had to start 2018 over, I’d tell myself to pace myself, it’s not a race, we all get where we need to be in the end. I’d say not to forget about myself that self-care and grow my boundaries which is the most important thing to do so you are able to keep your family going and your own self.

My word for 2019 will be Acceptance.

Acceptance of my limitation, of being enough, of finding my boundaries and of unmet expectation.