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My world as mother, spouse, friend, employee and co-founder of ANE International in hope that I can provide some inspiration. I am not a nurse or a doctor nor do I possess any medical degree or formal medical educations. However I am a certified MommaBear, I have the stretch marks to confirm, that has been dealt more than she could have ever expected in her life.

Our life took a turn off the “planned course” in March of 2009. Both kids were sick at the time with influenza B. My son was 9 months old and my daughter was 3. In the middle of the night, my daughter throw up and wet her bed and was unresponsive through our many attempts to communicate. We rush her to the hospital. MommaBear came to the rescue and insisted or else they would have turn us away. They kept my daughter under observation and when we were going for chest x-ray, she started having seizures. There’s no words that can explain what how helpless a mother feels when she sees her child going through seizures, no knowing what is causing it and not being able to help. She was then rushed to an acute care hospital . She was diagnosed the following day with acute necrotizing encephalopathy. A disease so rare that there’s only about 200 cases documented Worldwide. As a result of this disease, my daughter has acquired brain injury. This is a new fact of life for us, once that we have to adjust our mindset to every day.

I can say that my life keeps me busy and that at any given point, I have my phone/calendar close by to schedule another meeting to help our family stay on track. I’m the one that most of my friends will turn to for advice since I will give them the most truthful and honest opinion.. As an individual, I’ve experience more than most people will have in a lifetime. Is this a good time? I’m not sure but time heals all wounds.

For this, I am call MommaBear because I will protect my family with such a fierceness to ensure that everyone is well taken care. Whether this means staying up late to research new means to cope, recover or adjust our life.

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