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The Day that I decided that I would be a Mother.

Not everyone goes through the same journey to become a mother for some the decision is made for them and others from a young age carry their ”babies”, they live and breath babies. At 18 years of age, I fell in love with this cuddly little boy. He’s my sister’s son and my godson. I love him more than life himself and he brought forward in me the need to someday being a mom.  I remember him as a toddler, checking out my purse for what surprise I had hidden in there. The endless errands, my sister and I ran while he was in his stroller. the hours spent at the park and the interminable hours watching Barney. Thank Godness, my children never loved Barney but we had Caillou, so you decide which one is the less painful.

I knew that it would not be all roses and that there would be time that the only desire you had was to find the comfort of your own bed while you chase a rowdy toddler around the backyard. I do suspect that I thought like every other women that decides that she will be a Mother, that it was worth it. Please don’t misunderstand me on this. Motherhood is the most noble, rewarding and self fulfilling role in the entire world.  It’s the only role, that you can learn as you teach and grow as they grow, be silly and strict and explore the world through the eyes of someone else that is just as precious to you than your own self.

Needless to say, I had never expected that our live would turn out to be like Dorothy’s in the Wizard of OZ as we follow a Yellow Brick Road to find the safety of a home and community  that can support our family with a child that has different abilities, two traumatic brain injury, a society that needs to understands accessibility and inclusion and a family life that is balanced.

The next few blog post will be about beginning, my everyday, my challenges and my crazy thoughts.

Please come and join in my journey as a MommaBear.1 (17).JPG


i am enough

This is part of  my acceptance challenge this year. I know from conversation with friends and family that we are all struggle with this piece of ourselves.

You are enough.

You don’t need to feel like an imposter.

You are the best you at this moment, don’t worry about the other “better” days.

Do not compare yourself to others on social media, these are perfect glimpse into their lives. You don’t always get the full stories.

You deserve your good friendship.

You deserve the help that is given to you.

You deserve to take care of yourself.

Today, appreciate yourself, love yourself, forgive yourself and be kind to yourself.

You are one of a KIND and that is the best KIND.

You will at some point ignore my post, get frustrated with this post but trust me, we all need to be reminded that we are ENOUGH as we are.

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